Your tunnel

Inky-pinky, akkad-bakkad,
We leave life to chance.

O dank, obfuscated path,
do I choose thee?
Or is vibrancy and grandiosity
the life for me?

What is my destination?
Happiness and peace.
Engulfing me, swallowing me,
into the depths of warm sanity.
Ambition and fame.
Applause, a veritable bedlum of noise,
as deep as the ocean,
as thunderous as the gale.
Chastity and virtue.
Whiter than the snow-capped peaks,
more chaste than Artemis herself.
Sobriety and sophistication.
Not a hair out of place,
not a button unbuttoned,
not a pin unpinned.

I want to be everything at once.
A life on autopilot, yet in control.
Happy yet belligerent.
Ambitious yet under-confident.
Chaste yet decadent.
Sober yet ebullient.

It doesn’t matter where I’m going,
it doesn’t matter how,
or even why.

I’ll see you there.
For all roads lead to the light
at the end of your personal tunnel.

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