Are you Lucy, Donovan or Yolanda?

I recently read an article which states that Gen Y is essentially an unhappy lot. My initial reaction was WHAT! But we have everything human civilization could’ve ever dreamt of. Internet, television, iPhone, modern plumbing, Henry Cavill. How are we unhappy? When I read the article, it made complete and utter sense. The article mentions how Gen Y Yuppies (for example, a girl named Lucy) are over-reaching, over-ambitious and over-rated (more so in their own eyes). You can read about the WHY in the article (links at the end) but I want to show you two real life examples of Lucys and how they are hurting this generation.

I just realized that Lucys are common throughout the world, most of all in my university. The elite colleges have hundreds or maybe thousands of such Lucys who believe that they are the best at everything, their careers will take off first, and similar high-handed, over-ambitious misconceptions.

There’s a classmate of mine, let’s assume his name is Donovan. Donovon’s expression when someone asks a question (it may or may not be stupid) is: THAT’s her doubt? I mean, come on, at least TRY to make class worth our while. He’s patronizing, he treats people like they were the dirt under Umbridge’s toenail and he believes his time can be better spent elsewhere (maybe with Sauron?).

Then another, Yolanda, for example. Her condescendence knows no bounds. Her social media is filled with things like: ermahgerd please learn the difference between your and you’re like wtf please and the number of people in this world who can’t pronounce harbinger is just too damn high, I’m leaving for Pigfarts. She doesn’t even need one second to correct that typo you made. I’m extremely sorry, Yolanda, that the global problems of hunger and war are side-tracking grammar and pronunciation problems.

Where does this patronizing behaviour come from? I believe marks are a factor. Modern generation school marks are so inflated that students believe they are invincible and well on their way to a decorated future. But, hello! Everyone’s marks are inflated so your (oh wait, you’re*) probably 1 in 10,000. As kids, every Lucy, Donanvan and Yolanda are made to believe that they are special and that they are the best. Thus, marks are not the only inflated things out there.

The above graph was taken from the article. Such an inflated sense of self-importance is what gives the Yuppies (GYPSY = Gen Y Protagonists & Special Yuppies) a false right to patronize others.

We need to stop for a second and assess our priorities. Should we work harder on our shortcomings, or should we focus on that of others? Should we give importance to trivial issues like grammar and trivialize bigger issues? Should we be rude to someone who doesn’t know English just because we think we are better than them? Since when were knowing how to pronounce things, knowing how to speak English, knowing how to ask questions worth others while taken as the scale of measuring someone else’s worth?

Are you a Lucy? A Donovan? Or a Yolanda?

Read the article (for sure, it makes a brilliant read) at: Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy by Tim Urban.

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