Can we break free?

Do you have those days when you just cannot study?

But you need to stretch yourself to your thinnest for the most meagre of reasons: marks? Instead, put on music, do whatever you want to. Dance. Listen to music. Sing along. Write a book. Read a book. Go for a walk. Do anything. Do what you want to. You deserve a break.

Do you have those days where nothing seems to lighten your mood?

But you find yourself confined by the same four walls, the same few people and the same old surroundings? Leave. For an hour, for two, for six. Go outside, walk wherever the road takes you. Meet people, hear their dreams, and see their happiness. Let them lift you up.

Do you have those days when you feel so alone?

But your roommates, parents, friends, family, pets and everything else that made you feel safe are just not enough? Sometimes, the strangers that your mum warned you against can provide you solace. Unknown people, with their unknown miseries and unknown happiness can make you belong.

There are days that I would prefer running away, even for a little while. Running away from myself, running away from my responsibilities, running away from the people I know. It’s okay to feel that. You owe yourself indulgences. A snack, a walk, a fight, a game, a high. Your escape is what you want it to be. What you deserve.

Do you know why you or I won’t choose these options? Society. The weird rules they have that say that marks decide your future. The incredulous statistics that say women are not safe in their own cities. The horde of “well-wishers” saying that you need to focus on your future while living in the present. The advice that indulgences are evil.

Can we break free from these “norms”?

I want to.

Let me know when you do.

We’ll do it together.

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