Day 2 — Tell about a character who lost something important to him/her.

She sits across the table, she lies down on the bed, she eats, she sleeps, she breathes
like it’s all mechanical.
To be told what to do, to be told what to become, to be told how to behave.

She painted a tree, they found a fault in its branches
she painted a bird, they found a fault in her wings
she wrote a story, they found a fault in the characters
she wrote a poem, they found a fault in the words
she lost her motivation.

Looks don’t matter, your personality does
marks are not important, follow your passion
yet the prettier, more “intelligent” ones
got booked, got hooked.
She lost her self-confidence.

Parents wanted a doctor
friends wanted fealty
colleagues showed scorn, jealousy
and society? Society just wanted to judge.
She lost her willpower.

She gave her life to be in a white coat
She sold her soul to her friends
She acquiesced. She compromised. She abandoned.

It’s a process, you see.
Begins when you are born and ends when you breathe your last.

Yes, she lost something important to her.
She lost herself.

2 thoughts on “She

  1. Is this one you loved. And is she not in control of her felling’s and not yours. We are all shaped my the turmoil of life, for better or worse. Be gentle with your thought , and try not to project your loneliness or failure in life on her.


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