The Journey

Day 3 – Write something to include the line, "Sorry, we can't insure you for a journey like that."

It’s one journey on my bucket list, todo list and all lists.
Yet no competition, money or genie can grant me this wish.
I take it up on my own.
Determined, I call everyone.

Anubis, more amenable than legend would have you believe, agreed to wrap my body up
but Nephthys refused to escort me to Osiris.
O, Osiris, hear me. Take me inside your necropolis, let me feast my eyes on your realm.
Alas, the sandy shores of Egypt turn a blind eye to my wishes; where do I go next?

Hades won’t take my calls and Hecate won’t return my incantations.
Thanatos, I remember, corresponds with mortals like me.
He heard me out, he laughed and cried with me
But he ended it with a
“Sorry, we can’t insure you for a journey like that”
Neither Greece nor Rome is my salvation.

I turned to Yama next.
“Do you know how many people are dying to get in?”
He bellowed and sent me packing.

Does life really end or does it begin?
Do we mingle with the trapped souls of this ghoulish Earth
or do we wander the realms, alone and starved?
My journey is not one of selfishness but that of scientific inquiry
Maybe I have been approaching the wrong kind of Gods all along.

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