Red Fangs, Red Flags

Day 4 – Rewrite a classic fairy tale

She hopped, skipped and jumped along the woods,
not paying any attention to her mother’s words
“Watch out for the big bad wolf.” She breathed in
the air, she let the morning sun wash her anew. The
leaves spoke to her, warned her of ominous times.
On she trudged, her shoes broken not her spirit.
She reached her grandmother’s cottage and could
barely recognize her.

A ruffle, a shuffle, a kerfuffle. She saw a flash of
silver, heard a thud and there was the woodcutter
and her grandmother’s head. Only, it wasn’t her
grandmother. Her mother’s portentous words rang
in her head. It’s true. It’s all true. She thanked Him
for saving her from the Big Bad Wolf.

He offered to escort her out of the woods and she
acquiesced. She felt protected. He had saved her
life. But sometimes, what you run from and what
you run into are the same.

Red fangs, red flags. Zips unzipping,
dresses undressing, some lessons learnt,
some unlearnt. The protector isn’t
always protective. The good guy isn’t
always good. Safety isn’t always safe.

And our well-wishers? They forget
to warn us against the wolves that
hide under the sheepskin. Hiding,
stalking, stalling, pouncing, ripping.

Innocence, lost.
Virtue, gone.
Spirit, broken.
Lesson, learnt.

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