Day 5 – Write a fanfiction

As he sat sipping on his firewhisky,
his mind wandered the forbidden path.
His mind wandered the halls,
the Quidditch matches,
the detentions
and the squabbles.

Those fights seem so petty now
compared to the fight raging between his mind and heart.
The longing in his heart
burned and pumped.
It doesn’t matter if his love is unrequited
all that matters is Courage and Confession.

He gulped it down
and made his way to the Burrow
where holiday cheer stood in
stark contrast to the drab dark Manor.
He saw him
and the nefarious bunch of red-heads.

Dread. Fear. Anxiety.
What if he sends him away?
What if he ridicules him?
What if he doesn’t care enough?
What if he curses him?
What if.

As thousands of us have been
deterred and demurred by the
what ifs, so was he.
And he left.
With only memories and feelings.

Oh, such feelings that he never dared to share.

At the back of his mind
in the deepest crevices of his heart,
he knew he would always be in love
with the boy who lived
and no number of spells, potions or charms
could magic him out of love.

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