Day 10 - Go to iTunes, put your music on random. Write a story about the first song that comes up.

we describe it in such parochial terms
no i don’t mean your girlfriend, your boyfriend
your husband or wife
or even your children or your parents

between that of a husband and a husband
a wife and her wife
between a mother and father
that is taken for granted where i am from
between the flowers and the bees
between winter and the trees
between summer and spring
between humans and things

to a blind man it is the wet nose of their dog
to the deaf it is a rainy day’s wet morning fog
to the bored it is their character coming alive in dreams
to the lonely it is the words that keep him company
to the poor it is the hope of a better unknown
to me, it is the songs that make me want to write ballads

the love of words, the love of letters
the love of bonds and that of fetters
the love for nature and the love for tranquillity
the love for freedom and responsibility
the love for solitude, the love for self
the love for the books on your shelf
the love of memories lived and lost

it is the aftertaste of lemon in your tea
it is the drops of water that remain in your shower curtain
it is the pink skies that remind you of home
it is the laughter of children playing by your porch
it is your favourite pair of vans or the twang of your guitar
it is the whistling of trains on a dark summer’s night
it is the memories lived and lost

love can be so much more than human relationships
transcending the physical and the metaphysical

why do we let ourselves be bound by narrow definitions
eon after eon


Shots (Acoustic) – Imagine Dragons

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