Yes, my senior

Day 15: Create a superhero. Have her save the day.

I looked up at the girl, she was
three years my senior in college
and her girlfriend, two. You know
how important it is to try to save
someone every day, in a small
way in a big way; save them from
heartbreak or a bad hair day, save
them when they say they haven’t
done their homework, save them
from that dick of a boyfriend or
that jealous best friend. Save their
pencil from falling, save them a
seat at the cafeteria, save them
the last bite of your sandwich, the
last sip of your coffee. Wait, I feel
myself digressing. Yes, my senior
with a girlfriend. I look up to her
and her girlfriend; she is my hero.
Once back in freshman year, she
showed me that I don’t have to be
what they want me to be. I don’t
have to like boys or fall in love
the minute that guy pays me the
slightest attention. I can be, can
love any body I want to, a Susan
or a Bradbury. Yes, my senior is
a superhero. She saved the day;

she saved me.

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