Do I have to come out?


Day 17 - Poem about space
I have been asked many times
whether I love men more, women
more or both equally
or one none
and I still don’t
Does it matter if I am a lesbian or if
I am as straight as the side of your desk?
Are you that hell bent on putting me
in categories
in cages whose lines are as straight
as you paint some people to be?
Does it matter if I am bisexual
if I love the person I love
of their gender?
Does me dating a girl now make me
for the time being?
(I know it doesn’t,
sexuality is a long-term thing. But
is it?)
Does me crushing on Olivia Wilde
Jonathan Groff
at the same time
define my sexuality in absolute terms?
If I had sex with a girl, what
am I?
But a few months later, I had sex
with a guy
what does that make me?
let my sexuality be
because my sexuality defines me
in so much more than just a word
no, I am not simply gay
I am not just straight
nor am I bisexual
give me space to identify myself
as more than one word, one thing
why don’t you debate over whether I
am loving or just self-serving
whether I am lonely
by compulsion
or prefer my own company over others’?
but again, why should you?
why do people continue to reduce a person
to this or that.
Tell me,
do I have to
come out?
Let me be. Let my sexuality be.
Define me by my sexuality but
don’t reduce my plurality down
to one identity.

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