Not All Men

Day 17 - Write about the 30th picture on your phone or computer.

Have you ever let a metro pass intentionally because the women’s compartment was a bit farther than you expected? Because I would rather wait five more minutes than enter the general compartment at peak office time.

Have you ever intentionally crossed a street or road because a group of men were walking down in your direction? Because the possibility of being run down by a car is more favourable than being touched by a stranger.

Have you ever subconsciously counted the number of women around you? Because I automatically feel safe when I see another woman but she doesn’t help, though, because most often these women judge me for wearing short shorts and crop tops.

Have you ever been reprimanded for attracting a man’s gaze? Because boys will be boys even if they are 50 years old but I cannot be a girl even though I am 21 and my sexual appetite needs to be swept under rugs and into closets.

Have you ever used ‘I have a boyfriend’ to get out of an uncomfortable situation? Because men respect the property of other men more than they respect me as a human being and what sort of a feminist bitch doesn’t need a man to control her.

Have you ever been hit on by a man at the bar even after you shooed him away a couple of times? Because inebriated me is automatically attracted to attractive he and I’m drunk so I was obviously asking for it and he is doing me a favour.

Have your movements ever been restricted for your own safety? Because I have been told that 9 o’clock is the magical time after which our vaginas become a magnet for men’s penises and that it’s my fault.

(i can go on and on and on and on)

So don’t tell me not all men because my stalker or my abuser doesn’t come with a “molester” tag.

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